Welcome to My World

Hello everyone, I decided to set up a blog, a secret blog at first but I hope to one day share it with others. I’m Hannah, I fell pregnant at 17, had my 12 week scan in the middle of my January Exams, completed my A levels at 36 weeks pregnant, gave birth 3 weeks later, took a gap year and then started a full time undergraduate degree in History and History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds when my son was 14 months old. This blog is a mixture of retrospective posts about my pregnancy and early motherhood, as well as current thoughts, feelings and observations.

I guess perhaps most importantly this blog looks at the process of the formation of my identity. One of the ‘university mum’ An entirely plausible and achievable person, but one who walks such a fine line. Its  a paradoxical identity because on the one hand I am a mum who tend university, but on the other hand I feel like they are mutually exclusive. I don’t feel like I quite fit into what a ‘mum’ is… I don’t have a mortgage, a husband, a car, or any long term experience of being an independent responsible adult before having a child. I went from being a child to looking after one. On the other side I also don’t feel like a student, I don’t have their freedom to travel, live in halls, stay up until 3am in the library to finish my essays, to be without any long term responsibility… Its a strange place to exist, between these two largely incompatible worlds.


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