Yes I voted Remain, and Yes I’m Angry

I consider myself as a vociferous, actively political, member of society. Something I believe all adults should be, we are all people and we deserve a say in what happens and who runs our country, and yes this is going to be a little bit of an EU referendum rant, and yes I was a Remain voter, and I, like may have a multitude of reasons as to why. I voted the way I did, and yes I am bitterly disappointed. But my disappointment has significantly less to do with the final result, we don’t actually know whats going to happen and it could potentially be good, I see that, and despite everything I have hope that the future is bright, hope our blind optimism, I don’t know! But my disappointment is generally founded it what appears to be yet another repetition of history. I guess i’m biased, I’m a historian and I believe it is SO IMPORTANT TO STUDY HISTORY so that we can learn, move forward and evolve into a society that is the epitome of inclusive, tolerance and morality.

I am looking forward to the final year of my degree as this is fundamentally what I will be studying, white supremacism in the USA, at the culture of White Africans, and finally at the formation of Eugenics, the ‘science’ behind Racism because truly once upon a time we white folk believed that we were superior not only socially and culturally, noooo, that simply wasn’t enough to justify our true superiority, we had to claim some sort of biological superiority, thankfully, despite the Nazi Experimentation we’ve realised that on a biological/cellular level there is no fundamental difference between races.

We, both historically and now have had the ability to separate human and sub-human, to define the ‘us and them’ across a myriad of humanness; religion, nationality, sexuality, gender, identity. We continue to use this approach to justify our actions. Examples including the straights and the gays, the gays in the 1960’s deserving of their hate crimes because they were the root of all evil. Historically, the Jews because in the 1100’s their culture was alien to the Catholic Kings of England they likened them to the devil himself and accused of Blood Libel, the ritualistic murder of innocent Christian children, and now to the Refugee, likened to a ‘cockroach’, dehumanised to vermin in order to justify the deep extent of our discrimination

The ‘white mans burden’ has shaped and skewed our version of history, in schools today we don’t acknowledge the large muslim influence on our key academic subjects, maths, trigonometry, astronomy, physics to name a few. The Racist aftermath of Brexit highlights the ingrained structural white supremacism that still exists in this country. For me the true meaning of the Leave campaign for people who studied the pro’s and con’s of leaving the EU and came to the conclusion that Britain could benefit economically from independence from the EU, that argument is valid and that vote is an expression of true democracy, and for those Leave voters I respect.

However, I believe that for some of the Leave campaign (specifically Nigel Farage and supporters) the exit from the EU was a way of separating ‘us’ and ‘them’ the deserving British and the undeserving immigrant. This is the viewpoint I have a huge problem with. This was a demonstration of many peoples individuals prejudices being reinforced and even encouraged by newspapers like the Daily Mail who preach structural racist spiel that victimises those that the ‘British, and Increasingly English’ believe are somehow beneath us.

I’ve had people ask me why I don’t speak as if I’m proud to be British, why would I be proud to be a member of that Britain, one that closes its door on vulnerable refugees, one that chooses to blame the members of working/underclass society for its financial problems instead of acknowledging the billions of pounds that are squandered by the 1% in tax evasion. No i’m not proud of that Britain, we believed it was our right to walk into other countries, declares its inhabitants inferior to ours, attempt to modernise their country simply because there culture was different to our own.

Rule Brittania? Bollocks the lot of it.

Truly the Britain I am proud to belong to was one I saw at Pride in London, Every race, religion, sexuality, represented and accepted into an all encompassing community. I want to be in a Britain full of Libyan Gay Muslim Nurses, whose sexuality, nationality and religion does not stop them from contributing to our society, something which is the case FOR THE VAST MAJORITY OF IMMIGRANTS. I want to live in a society that embraces other nationalities. That understands why we shouldn’t sever our ties with the European Community, a community that safeguards our vital Human Rights, Trades Deals and Free Movement for the sake of some unfounded nationalistic zeal founded in the 1500’s because really haven’t we progressed at all from the Dark Ages?

There is no point to Racism and to be clear I am in no way calling all Leave voters Racists. I am simply trying to express show why the attitudes of the non-racist nationalist minority of leave voters are just a regurgitation, an excuse, a set of ancient ‘British’ values for the sake of an individuals insecurities, yet somehow SOMEHOW we vote out to, protect ‘British Values’ which hopefully I’ve managed to convey at least on surface terms are historically values of ingrained patriarchal racism.


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